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SSS is the only platform that selects stocks based on - 

  • Age brackets,

  • Risks tolerance,

  • Holding period

  • Lifestyle.

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Also, we look for the top five variables on daily basis & our analysts utilize Technical & Fundamental Analysis.


What are Technical & Fundamental Analysis?


Technical Analysis - Studying Moving Average, RSI (Relative Strength Index) among other variables.


Fundamental Analysis - The analysts look at the company’s internal, i.e, forward-looking strategies with Future Earnings, Competition, Revenue, and Demand.


All done to select the best stocks for YOU.

What to expect from our memberships

Behavioral Finance

Let us know you and your financial behavior, we will let you know what to do.

Learn how to read the stocks’ personalities

Earnings, P/E ratios, Momentum, Valuation Ratios, and other useful tools!

Entry and exit points

Learn when to buy, when to sell.

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